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Recycle your yard waste

Good Earth, LLC is one of the only facilities around that keeps yard waste out of the landfill and back into the garden where it belongs.  We strive to recycle material that would normally be wasted and turn it into something the public can feel good about using. 

What We Accept


Anything from branches to bushes can go into this pile. Has to be less than 4 ft in length and about the width of your hand. We accept only natural materials. We cannot accept treated wood, plywood, landscaping timbers, or trash of any kind. There is a separate area and charge for chunk wood.

Yard Waste

We can accept grass, flowers, etc. into this pile.  Leaves have a separate pile.  Pine cones and walnuts and other hard fibers will need to go into a separate pile… they won’t break down to make a smooth compost.

Easy Drop-Off

Unfortunately, we do not offer a pick-up service for recycling.  However, the city will pick up yard waste bags within city limits and bring it here for recycling.  PLEASE DO NOT PUT REGULAR TRASH IN YOUR YARD WASTE BAGS!! Call the city sanitation department for more information, pick-up times, and locations.

What does it cost?

We do have a tipping fee for anything brought into our yard. This helps us cover the cost of recycling. We charge based on what you bring it in:


  • $15

    Van or Car

  • $17

    Compact 1/4 Ton Pickup

  • $21

    Standard 1/2 or 3/4 Ton Pickup

  • $24

    Small Single Axel Dump

  • $32

    Large Single Axel Dump

  • $40

    Tandem Axel Dump

  • $125

    Tri-Axel Dump

  • $125

    Roll-Off/Compactor Truck

  • $200



  • $19

    7′ or less

  • $21

    8′ to 9′

  • $24

    10′ to 12′

  • $27

    13′ to 15′

  • $32

    16′ to 19′

  • $40

    20′ and Above

  • $25

    Leaf Vacuum Truck/Trailer

  • $20

    Dirty Chips from Tree Trimmers FLAT FEE

Bags of Waste

*All plastic bags MUST be taken back with you and NOT left in the recycling pile! Paper bags can be left.

Large kitchen trash: $1.00/each

Lawn and Leaf Bags: $1.00/each