pea gravel

Rocks & Gravel

We carry river rock, pea gravel, driveway and fill gravel so you can check every box on your list.
premium mulch


Our made-in-house mulches break down over the years into a rich and loamy soil.

Wood Chips

Perfect for playgrounds and pathways - wood chips are also great for erosion control.


We make our compost organically with lots of churning and turning to make it smooth.


We fully season our firewood in log form before processing. Ensuring it has the hottest BTU.


Poplar choice for BBQ with a pleasant aroma.

Red Hot Mix

Lovely choice for a fireplace with its alluring red hot glow.
oak firewood

Residential Oak

Provides radiant heat for your home, also great for cooking.
hickory firewood


Our longest lasting heat and a top choice for smoking on the grill.

Same Day Delivery

One Delivery Load:

10 yards of Mulch or Wood Chips
7 yards of Garden Blend, Compost, Fill Dirt, Sand
7 yards of Rocks and Gravel
4 Ricks of Firewood

Our Delivery Rates

  • $25

    for deliveries less than 5 miles from our location

  • $55

    for deliveries between 5 to 10 miles from our location

  • Additional $2 per mile

    for deliveries greater than 10 miles away

  • 650 East Empire Mill Rd
    Bloomington, IN

  • (812) 824-7928


Body Soap

Locally crafted with all natural ingredients.

Chigger Soap

Sweet relief from all those itchy bites after sitting in nature.

Topical Salves

Soothing balms for aches or itches. Local, homemade remedies.

DEET Free Bug Spray

Protection from summer pests without the harmful chemicals.

Yard Waste Recycling

Bring us your sticks, brush, and other yard rake-ups and we will turn it into a productive garden product. We can only use natural yard waste.

Live Edge Furniture

Our beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces have been masterfully handcrafted from tree to table. 

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