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We care about the Earth, and we care about good landscaping.  We are a one-stop shop where you can drop off your yard rake-ups and then pick up mulch to finish the job.

Completely Organic Mulch

Our unique mulch is recycled into a premium dark bark.  It breaks down over the year, which in turn, will feed your plants faster.  Watch as your soil turns rich and loamy with repeated use of our Premium Mulch.  Mulching is important because it preserves water, encourages worms to home there, and of course, it looks gorgeous!


Black dyed Mulch

$29 / Yard

Colored with a natural vegetable dye that is guaranteed not to mold!

Select Hardwood Mulch

$18 / Yard

Made completely organically in house with dark wood for a very brown color. Freshest ground mulch available.

Brown dyed Mulch

$29 / Yard

Colored with a natural vegetable dye that is guaranteed not to mold!

premium dark bark mulch

Premium Dark Bark Mulch

$21 / Yard

Excellent for fall mulching, it will start breaking down to a rich, loamy soil by the spring. Made organically in house.

Rocks and Gravel

Want a more self-sustaining landscape?  Our popular River Rock or Pea Gravel provide a rustic look while helping keep weeds down.  We even carry driveway and fill gravel to complete every job on your list.

Rocks and Gravel

pea gravel

Pea Gravel

$30 / Yard

Pea sized, smooth stones that are great for pathways and in place of mulch.

#53 Gravel

$25 / Yard

Broken bits of gravel with powder for areas you want to pack down.

River Rock

$36 / Yard

Smooth stones ranging from 3"-4" that are great for pathways and in place of mulch.

#7 Gravel

$25 / Yard

Uniform-sized, white gravel typical for driveways and roads.

Organic Soil and Compost

Here at Good Earth, we do things the natural way.  We make our compost organically with lots of churning and turning to make it smooth.  Locally sourced leaves and grass are recycled on our yard, leaving the harsh chemicals out.  Compost is a great additive to existing soil to help create a better and richer planting blend.

Soil Amendments



$32 / Yard

Made in house using recycled leaf and grass clippings. A nutritious, dark soil additive. *Best if combined with another nitrogen source.

pulverized top soil

Pulverized Topsoil

$38 / Yard

Dry soil perfect for topping beds that need extra volume.

garden blend

Garden Blend

$42 per Yard

Made in house with a special blend of compost, pulverized topsoil and sand. Used for direct planting, so no mixing needed!

clean fill dirt

CLEAN fill dirt

$17 / Yard

Not available during wet weather.

Other Products

Blonde Wood Chips

$18 / Yard

Great for pathways and playgrounds.

Forest Fiber

$10 / Yard

Aged sawdust.

dark wood chips

Dark Wood Chips

$10 / Yard

All natural wood chips.

#23 Sand

$25 / Yard

Great for playgrounds, sandboxes or leveling paths.

Same Day Delivery

One Delivery Load:

Our Delivery Rates

  • $25

    for deliveries less than 5 miles from our location

  • $55

    for deliveries between 5 to 10 miles from our location

  • Additional $2 per mile

    for deliveries greater than 10 miles away

  • 650 East Empire Mill Rd
    Bloomington, IN

  • (812) 824-7928

*Note for Deliveries: Please make sure to include where you would like your product dropped at, if the truck needs to drive through a tight alley way or a street with very low hanging branches, or if you are wanting the truck to drive through your yard.  Some areas cannot be accessed with our large delivery truck.

**During our busy seasons, some deliveries will be next day.

Ask us about discount pricing on orders of 20 yards or more of our Select and Premium Mulches!