Seasoned Firewood

At Good Earth, we are proud to offer our customers PREMIUM seasoned firewood. We fully season our firewood in log form prior to processing, to insure it has the hottest BTU. Our firewood speaks for itself.

We target heartwood that is denser and burns longer. The difference in our products is the equipment used to produce it along with strict quality control. Firewood is randomly selected for moisture tests to ensure all wood is under 25% (10-12% is the target).

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Hot & Sweet Mix

NEW | $107 / Rick

Our NEW longest lasting, hottest mix. | Hickory for a bold smoke flavor combined with Cherry for a hint of sweetness.
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hickory firewood


$87 / Rick

Our longest lasting heat. Great for smoking on the grill.
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Boiler Wood

$47 / Rick

For outdoor wood boilers | 6-12″ in diameter | ​18″-24″ long blocks
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Split Boiler Wood

$62 / Rick

For Outdoor Wood Boilers
16″ Length | 3″- 10″ Width
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Red Hot Mix

$82 / Rick

80% walnut and hickory | 20% maple, oak and poplar | Easy Starter | Has a nice flame/glow in the fireplace
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Firewood Blocks

$22 / Rick

Pie cuts and blocks composed mostly of oak and hickory wood.
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**Available for pick up only**

oak firewood

Residential Oak

$87 / Rick

Long burning high heat blend with sweet smelling aroma.
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Smoke Wood/Kindling

$6 / Bundle

Sizes 1″-2″ diameter | 4″-16″ length | with bark added for easy start
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Cherry Firewood

$102 / Rick

Great choice for heating your home or BBQing. Pleasant aroma.
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Blazing Hot Mix

$87 / Rick

90% oak and hickory mix | Our hottest burning mix great for residential heat | BTU 700-1,000 Degrees
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Per Face Cord/Rick
1 Rick=1 Face Cord/3 Ricks=1 Cord​

*Our pieces average 16″ long and 5″ diameter


We are able to load trailers with firewood.

 Pickup trucks have to be hand-loaded. If you need assistance please let us know!

Same Day Delivery

One Delivery Load:

*Note for Deliveries: Please make sure to include where you would like your product dropped at, if the truck needs to drive through a tight alley way or a street with very low hanging branches, or if you are wanting the truck to drive through your yard.  Some areas cannot be accessed with our large delivery truck.

**During our busy seasons, some deliveries will be next day.

Our Delivery Rates

  • $25

    for deliveries less than 5 miles from our location

  • $55

    for deliveries between 5 to 10 miles from our location

  • Additional $2 per mile

    for deliveries greater than 10 miles away

Local Pick Up

  • We can help load your truck or trailer.

  • 650 East Empire Mill Rd
    Bloomington, IN

We also accept government vouchers!


Call us today on how to heat your home, BBQ, fire pit, or wood boiler.


Please stop by our office or call us to place an order.