Select Hardwood Mulch 

-Made in house
- VERY dark brown in color
-Freshest ground mulch available

*New* Triple Ground Mulch


-Fine ground dark mulch

-Rich like a compost for your plants

Premium Dark Bark Mulch 


-Made in house
-Very Dark brown in color
-Aged, broken down
-Excellent for fall mulching, will start breaking down to a rich soil by the spring

Dyed Mulches  $32/yard
-Colored with a natural vegetable dye
-Available in Black & Brown

Recycling Nature For Over 40 Years

Rocks and Gravel

River Rock    $36/yard
-Smooth stones ranging from 3"-4"
-Great for pathways and in place of mulch

Pea Gravel    $30/yard
-pea sized, smooth stones
-Great for pathways and in place of mulch

#7 Gravel    $25/yard
-Uniform sized white gravel

#53 Gravel    $25/yard
-broken bits of gravel with powder
-packs down well


Compost    $32/yard
-Made in house using leaf and grass clippings
-Rich, dark soil additive
-Best if combined with another nitrogen source

Garden Blend    $42/yard
-Made in house
-Special blend of compost, topsoil and sand
-Used for direct planting, no mixing needed!
-Best if combined with an additional nitrogen source

Pulverized Topsoil $38/yard


CLEAN Fill Dirt $17/yd
​-not available during wet weather

Our Products

The office at Good Earth, LLC provides a stunning visual of our products in use!

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Additional Products
Wood Chips    $18/yard
-Blond colored chips
-Great for pathways and playgrounds


Dark Wood Chips    $10/yard

-Natural colored chips

Forest Fiber   $10/yard
-aged sawdust

#23 Sand    $25/yard
-Used for anything from sandboxes to leveling pathways