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Handmade with love

We love supporting local craftsmen who want to get back to the basics! Stop in our unique office to buy anything from lovely handmade decor to homemade remedies. 

Handcrafted Decor

White Wreath


Lovely pastel-colored wreath for a more boho look.

reclaimed barnwood rack

Reclaimed Barnwood Rack


Handmade hanger using reclaimed barn wood for a rustic, homey feel.

wine rack

Wine Rack


Unique, curly metal wine rack for a classy effect.

wooden wine rack

Cedar Wine Wrack


Beautiful cedar shelf with metal sleeves for holding wine.

Decorative Garden Bucket


Perfect pail for flowers to add layers and texture to your garden.

Double Plant Pail


Pretty white buckets to make colors pop with a wooden handle.

Natural Products

For Real Products

$3.50 - $15

A selection of all natural balms, oils and creams.

Salves Small/Large


Salves made with all natural ingredients for itches or aches.

Earth & Wind Creation

$10 / 3 bars

Mother Nature provides the ingredients, no need to add to her perfection.

Chigger Soap


Sweet relief from all those itchy bites after sitting in nature.

DEET Free Bug Spray


Protection from summer pests without the harmful chemicals.

Peppermint Lip Balm

$3 tube / $4 tub

Homemade lip balms with peppermint and other essential oils added.

Our inventory is always changing, come in today to browse our unique products!