Recycling Nature for Over 39 Years

Good Earth, LLC

We are so happy to be able to offer our customers PREMIUM seasoned firewood. We fully season our firewood to insure it has the hottest BTU burning twice as long, with temperatures of 500-700 degrees! We also test to get the exact moisture level. We work our hardest to produce a quality product to keep a returning, happy clientele. Call us today on how to heat your home, BBQ, fire pit, or wood boiler. Available for pickup or delivery to all surrounding areas. We also accept government vouchers! 

Blazing Hickory Mix $80/rick

-Our longest lasting mix

Cherry BBQ wood $75/rick

-#1 choice for Smokin' Jacks Rib Shack, King Dough, Big Woods and more!

Long Lasting Boiler Mix $48/rick

-Boiler Wood 8-10"diameter

​75% Oak 25% Hickory​​

Call us today for fast delivery or pick up a rick here in Bloomington!!